We’re here to give you ownership over your community ecosystem.

Start playing games that value you

With your help you will

Drive organic user generated content.

Retain your most valuable players.

Nurture healthy communities focused on the fun of your games.

Building a new Culture

Our proof-of-play system provides a verifiable gaming identity that filters out bots and speculators, resulting in an authentic and trustworthy gaming environment.

Identifying super fans who generate content, promote games, and spend money helps game developers target the most valuable players.

Soulbound improves network and social connections, along with user acquisition, retention & engagement, through data-driven insights across the gaming ecosystem.

The Platform

Build the Network Effect

through compounding In-Game Data and Cross-game interaction

Soulbound is building a network across the gaming ecosystem to allow gamers to build their reputation and earn rewards through exciting and new opportunities.


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